Clinical Impact

The genesis of the LEAF System

Barrett Larson, MD
Anesthesiologist and Co-Founder of LEAF

Replaces paper turn clocks

Bernadette Walters, CWON
550-Bed Level I Trauma Community Hospital

New Technology Significantly Reduces Rates of Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries

Institutions that have deployed the LEAF Patient Monitoring System, a tool which allows caregivers to more effectively manage patient turning protocols, have experienced significant decreases in rates of pressure injuries. An analysis involving over 10,000 patients reveals the strong protective…

Makes monitoring easy

Angie Rose, FNP-C
Large Regional Hospital

Helps nurses help each other

Mandy Spitzer, CWOCN
550-Bed Level I Trauma Community Hospital

Leveraging AONL Leadership Competencies for Pressure Injury Prevention

This session from 2022 AONL Conference reviews the latest data related to hospital‐acquired pressure injuries and evidence‐based prevention strategies within the AONL nurse leader competency framework.

Hope for HAPI Prevention

The data is in: Pressure injuries pose a serious challenge, but research suggests that wearable patient monitoring technology can make a significant difference by reducing their incidence and saving associated costs.

Improving turning compliance and reducing pressure injuries in the acutely ill patient

In this study, the use of wearable technology to cue patient turning reduced the number of hospital-acquired pressure injuries by 67% in the first 12 months. Additionally, 92% of nursing staff felt that the sensor program improved their unit communication.