How it works

A continuous monitoring system for pressure injury prevention

The LEAF Patient Monitoring System leverages wearable technology to not only help your unit create an individualized pressure injury prevention plan for each patient – it also helps your team stick to that plan with visual patient turn status alerts.6,10

The first tool to measure the effectiveness of patient turning for pressure injury prevention8,9

The LEAF System measures more than just turn frequency; it also measures turn angle and tissue recovery time through the Integrated Position Technology™.8,9

Turn frequency

Turn frequency

Turn angle

Turn angle

Tissue recovery

Tissue recovery


The LEAF System includes four basic components.

wearable patient sensor

Wearable patient sensor

A lightweight sensor that attaches to the patient’s chest, monitoring whether they are sitting, standing or lying down – on their left side, right side, back or prone. A gentle, yet powerful silicone adhesive allows the sensor to be removed for procedures and then reapplied. It even has pedometer functionality to help monitor a patient's progress toward mobility goals.*

About the sensor

wireless mesh network

Wireless mesh network

Antennas placed throughout your unit relay information from the sensors to the computer interface through a secure wireless network and data server.

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turn management software

User interface

Through the computers at both the nurses’ station and workstations on wheels, you can check the turn status for all patients being monitored, adjust care plans for individual patients and more.

About the user interface

automatically generated reports

Automatically generated reports

You can generate reports from the interface to show when patients were repositioned, as well as their progress toward mobility goals.

About the reports

*The LEAF System is not to be used to alert staff of situations that would require immediate action in order to maintain patient safety. Be aware that there is a possibility of ambulation/step detection inaccuracy. Some patient steps may not produce enough movement to be detected by the System. Conversely, some patient movement may resemble the movement associated with taking a step and therefore be recognized by the System as such.

Prone movement monitoring requires LEAF System software 2.0. If you are currently using a system implemented in 2020 or earlier, contact your LEAF representative for an upgrade.

New adhesive available on all sensor models manufactured in 2021 or later.