HAPI problems require modern solutions

Patient repositioning is vital for hospital-acquired pressure injury (HAPI) prevention,1 but inadequate tools and heavy workloads make it difficult for nurses to adhere to turn protocols. In fact, the national turn protocol adherence rate is just 48%.23

Now, there’s a modern, high-tech system to help you create personalized turn protocols, improve protocol adherence rates, confirm turn quality and reduce pressure injury incidence.

The LEAF Patient Monitoring System

Wearable patient sensor + user interface

  • Personalized care for each patient
  • Get digital turn reminders (in room and at the nurses’ station)
  • Confirm the quality of patient turns
  • Automatically generate reports
LEAF Sensor LEAF Application LEAF Report LEAF Statistic

Hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) are on the rise

Despite a decrease in other hospital-acquired conditions, HAPIs are

up 6%3

Each year, complications from pressure injuries result in

60,000 deaths4

The average incremental cost of treating a pressure injury is


The LEAF System makes adhering to patient turning schedules easier6,7

Visual alerts in the patient room and at the nurses’ station make it easy for the whole team to see who needs to be turned and when.6,7 Plus, the LEAF System’s Integrated Positioning Technology™ is the first tool that precisely measures the effectiveness of patient turning, including patient turn frequency, turn angle and tissue recovery time.8,9

And it has been shown to work.2,6,7,10


Meta-analysis shows how the LEAF System can reduce the risk of pressure injuries by 94%, compared to standard of care11

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Up to 98% turn adherence achieved10

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