Ease workflow and documentation

The LEAF System automatically generates reports that can help you document adherence to turn protocol, analyze patient repositioning history and, ultimately, optimize your pressure injury prevention protocol.8,9,19

  • Crucial data for pressure injury root cause analysis
  • Documentation of turn protocol adherence
  • Patient mobility progress*
  • Optional EMR integration
  • Opportunities to identify needs for additional training

Automatically generated reports

  • Daily and monthly. Daily reports automatically emailed to nursing managers for review with staff, and monthly deep dives into facility-wide patient turning and mobility behavior to identify new training opportunities.
  • Detailed and objective. From patient-level details for root cause analysis up to a unit, hospital and even system-wide, integrated delivery network (IDN) level that enables administration to detect trends.
Daily Impact Report
Daily Ambulation Report
Monthly Impact Report

Sample reports. Click image to enlarge.

Detailed mobility history*

  • Repositioning in bed and chair
  • Steps taken
  • Distance traveled
  • Time spent sitting
  • Time spent ambulating

In bed (left, right, back and prone)





*The LEAF System is not to be used to alert staff of situations that would require immediate action in order to maintain patient safety. Be aware that there is a possibility of ambulation/step detection inaccuracy. Some patient steps may not produce enough movement to be detected by the System. Conversely, some patient movement may resemble the movement associated with taking a step and therefore be recognized by the System as such.

Prone movement monitoring requires LEAF System software 2.0. If you are currently using a system implemented in 2020 or earlier, contact your LEAF representative for an upgrade.