Clinical evidence

The proven leader in turn protocol improvement + HAPI reduction

The LEAF System is backed by a wealth of evidence – including more than a hundred clinical studies – demonstrating:

  • Improvement in turn quality or protocol adherence
  • Reduced risk of developing HAPIs compared with standard care
  • Reduced costs related to HAPIs compared with standard care
  • Help in mitigating disparity in care around:
    • Nursing shifts
    • Patient characteristics such as BMI and ventilator status
  • Help improving teamwork, workflow prioritization and communication, which is evident in nurse surveys

Get access to multiple pieces of high-quality evidence, featuring key outcomes, noteworthy metrics and relevant insights, with our full clinical compendium:

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The compendium includes evidence supporting the LEAF System’s impact on:

HAPI reduction

Significantly reduced risk of pressure injuries by 94% (Compared with standard of care [p<0.02])23

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Turn protocol adherence

Increase in turn protocol adherence rate from national average 52% to 77% – a relative increase of 48%24

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Return on investment

Projected annual savings of $6,621,113 due to 77% reduction of HAPIs25

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